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Welcome to - This new social network powered by MyCity Inc. is currently in its beta version. Please be patient as we work out and add all your favourite features! We would appreciate any feedback that would assit us in making Social808 part of your daily social activity. We hope you enjoy this application and hope you create a circle of great friends! Dont forget to try our other fun sites like,,, and Enjoy!

NOTE: If you sign up with no profile pic, your an "8 Ball", don't be an "8 Ball" *banned from upcoming promos and features (more on that later!)
11 day(s) ago
Of96ooK6xx GeehxWeieYgOg1oY0BgeW0geugeg signed up.
11 day(s) ago
Jx0ojroxo4xh3F7 O6oc4cw8Yowo signed up.
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Mkqbqwz1gbj Lv4vK6lMZlLQ4CloKvkqHUva signed up.
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Ftbqde 2oueUbf signed up.
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